Monday, July 1, 2013

Awesome news!!!'s been a LONG time since I have blogged!!
There are many reasons for that.
I've been writing, writing, writing, writing!!!
Yes...doing my job and loving every second of it.
Over the last six weeks I have written three novels and some fan fiction (shhh....later on the fan fiction project).

Anyways! Let's get to all the fun projects I've been doing....
A Charming Spell (the fourth book in the Magical Cures Mystery Series) is now available!
All major retailers

Of course June Heal is knee deep in trouble and magic. I hope you guys love it. I can never thank you enough for making the Magical Cures Series such a success!

A CHARMING CRIME is a FINALIST in the eFestival of Words in the Fantasy Category!!
YAY!!!! I'm over the moon that everyone is enjoying the adventures of June and the gang!! AND for a limited time, A CHARMING CRIME IS ON .99!!!

BUT....I need your help to win. Please go over to eFestival of Word (HERE) and vote for A CHARMING CRIME IN THE FANTASY CATEGORY. You will have to join, but that's it. I'd love to add a winners badge to June!

ON June 3rd on joining New York Times Bestselling Author Dianna Love on her Street Team (here!)  on her page at 9 pm for a SNAP CHAT! How fun is that? She is hosting me for 20 minutes on her page where anyone can ask me ANYTHING!! So please come on over at 9pm and don't let me hang alone. . .I'm totally begging!!!

Plus I'm having an online party with my buddy Nancy Naigle on July 4th on my STREET TEAM page!

Be sure to hop over and join my STREET TEAM page on Facebook (here!)

GOSH....that was a lot of information!! BUT there is so much more coming in the world of writing that I can't wait to share!!

Please...go vote for A CHARMING CRIME, pick up A CHARMING SPELL, join all the STREET TEAM fun this week!! 

All because of you is why I do all this.

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  1. I'll vote and all but first I'm trying to get my head around "Over the last six weeks I have written three novels..." How do you DO that?