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Join an Author Street Team and Support Their Work

Yippee!! Another Reader Monday! Allyson Brann is a member of my Street Team. She's an avid reader and an active street team member of many authors! Allyson is an amazing example on what a street team member should do for their favorite authors!

I Love Reading!!!! 

I love books! 

Particularly all types of romance novels! 

I feel like reading is a great escape,just a time to curl up with a good book,for me a cup of coffee or a drink and just relax!

So over the last year I have been active on Facebook,Twitter,Goodreads, and Pinterest! I have found lots of great authors and books and made new friends! 

I also joined several street teams as well, now these authors that have made my days more relaxing and better, I can help them by sharing, tweeting,pinning,liking and posting reviews! That only takes a few minutes of my time and in return these authors keep writing great books! 

I am on Tonya Kappes Street Team and not only is she a great person but an awesome author! I have fallen in love with her books! 

(I'm hosting a party on my STREET TEAM! If you aren't a member follow the link HERE and join!)

Alexa Grace' s Street Team is another one I am on as well as Jennifer Probst, Carrie Ann Ryan, Lilana Hart and Lia Davis! I have enjoyed being on each of these ladies street teams for numerous different reasons! 

Obviously I love their books and want them to keep publishing more:) But I have had so much fun, I truly enjoy checking the post on Facebook as well as the blogs, they have made reading even better if that was possible! 

Okay I could go on and on about why I love reading but I don't want to put anybody to sleep! 

Hope everyone enjoys their day and check out these authors their books a great reads! 



Thank you so much, Allyson! I'm so honored to have you on my STREET TEAM! So much so that I'm going to give away TWO BOOKS books by HEATHER BLAKE! And they are signed!!! 

Tell me what you like best about the Street Teams you are on! 

If you would like to write an article for READER MONDAY, I'd love to have you! Shot me an email by using the contact me tab at the top!


  1. First I love promoting the authors that I love reading and want everyone else to love and enjoy them as much as do. Second, I love getting to know the authors better, makes them feel like a friend. Going on fb and checking the posts is also exciting and something I look forward to every day. Love getting to know the other people on the team, who have shared interests is also awesome. I just love the street teams I am on!!!!

  2. I guess I've been on a street team and didn't know it for a long time. Every author that I read and really enjoy, I'm out promoting it anyway I can...I even go to the bookstores and talk to people about my favorite authors. My librarians ask me if I've read any new authors and if I liked them or not. LOL I also review on amazon, good reads and shelfari. Tonya is one of the authors I'm an "official" street team member.

  3. I love being on street teams to support the authors. I'm active in 2 and helping start 2 for newer authors. I love meeting AMAZING new friends through the street teams. We find out we have a ton in common. But again, I love street teams b/c I LOVE helping authors by tweeting, fb'ing and reviewing their books on amazon and my blog! <3

    Happy Monday!
    Thanks for the giveaway Tonya! You know I can never resist! ;)
    Tobi <3

  4. The best part of street teams for an introvert like me is meeting other readers who like the same genres as me. I used to rely on my weekly visit to Borders for this, but since their closing, I have to turn elsewhere. And let's face it, other readers are one of the top resources for finding out about new books and authors to read.

  5. I love being on street teams so I can support my favorite authors. I love meeting new friends and authors on the steet teams who share the same love of reading that I do.

  6. I love being on the street team to support my author, meet people from all over, and find out what new things and events are going on.
    It is fun and interesting.

  7. I love being a part of your street team! You are such an inspiration and it has been such a joy being able to get to know everyone. I really enjoy being able to partake in your journey as a writer. You're an amazing person as well as an author. Keep up the wonderful work! :)

  8. I just requested to join your Street Team. This sounds like loads of fun! I love reading about my favorite authors, but also love finding new ones and sharing with my friends and family. Thank you for the opportunity.

  9. Honestly, I've never heard of street teams before. However, I recently started a cozy mystery blog and corresponding Facebook page to support cozy mysteries and their authors. I tweet as well!

  10. I have never heard of a Street Team until now. This is an awesome idea. I'm looking forward to becoming active on your team. I love reading and promoting authors as much as I can.

  11. They allow you to spread the word about your favorite authors and you get to connect the authors. You get cool swag and the inside track to what is happening.

  12. Over the past year I have made an effort to connect with a lot of the authors I read. It helps me keep up with the series I know they write and I have found out the many of them write under other pen names so I have found new series to fall in love with. The more I know about an author the better able I am to help them promote their books and I feel that helps me get to keep enjoying the characters they have brought to life.

  13. As a part of a Street Team, we get to know an author and walk through bits and pieces of a writing process with her (or him). It is exciting and a glimpse into another world. Also, "our" team seems to develop a sense of family. I love it when we kid around. Isn't it great when Tonya asks for a suggestion and everyone comes out with the most wonderful ideas? I look forward to stopping by and seeing what's new! I also tell my friends about books coming out and take my team job seriously.

  14. I love being part of a Street Team and getting to know authors. I"ve learned so much from other Street Team members and connected with other authors too.

  15. Right now, yours is the only one I'm on. I love it because I can hang around with you and your other fans and discuss anything about, well, anything. Books, reading, writing, tv, movies, get the picture.

    I was inspired to start my own "Street Team," as well. Although it's slow at the moment, I'm having fun with it and the people who have joined.

    - Andrea

  16. Tonya, I love being a part of your street team for so many reasons! Your page is the first I check out when I get on FB. You always have something clever to say or share...always makes my day! You have introduced us to great people and authors. I am also a member of AJ Lape's street team and that is because of discovering her through you! Thank you for making me feel so welcomed on your page! :)

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