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Twelve Days of Giveaways Day Three!

Today my good friend Duffy Brown is stopping by and letting Reagan Summerside, the sleuth in her new mystery novel, Iced Chiffon, take over and give you the lowdown on how they do Christmas in Savannah! Be sure to leave a comment for a free copy! The winner will be announced at the end of tomorrow's guest post!

Tales from Savannah, where guys are gentlemen, gals are belles, food is king and we all hope to high-heaven someone doesn’t wind up dead before we open presents.

Reagan Summerside here and I’m gearing up for my favorite holiday…Christmas Savannah style.
It all starts with a lovely fresh-cut tree and a beautifully set table. KiKi uses the good china, crystal and best linens.  There’s turkey and dressing for sure, ham and red-eye gravey and AnnieFritz and her sister Elsie who live next door bring the best pecan pie you ever put in your mouth. It’s so good I’m going to share the recipe with you right here.

9” unbaked pie crust
1 cup light corn syrup
1 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
3 eggs slightly beaten
1/3 cut butter melted
½ tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup pecan halves (or walnuts)
heat oven to 350. Combine corn syrup, sugar, eggs, butter, salt, vanilla and mix well. Pour into crust, sprinkle with nuts and bake for 50 min till knife comes out clean. Cool. Add whipped cream or a scoop of Leopold’s vanilla ice cream. J

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without mamma’s cornbread stuffing and this year I’m trying my hand at making the cranberry salad. I stole the recipe right out of Paula Deen’s kitchen.

     1/2 orange
     2 cups water
     1 tart apple
     3 cups cranberries
     1 1/4 cups sugar
     1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
     1/4 tsp. ground cloves
Squeeze the orange and set the juice aside. Cut the rind into pieces. Boil the rind and water for 10 minutes, then drain. Dice the apple add the cranberries along with the orange juice, orange rind, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Boil, then simmer till the sauce thickens, the apple is tender and the cranberries have burst.

Uncle Putter who always has his nine-iron handy in case a golf ball drops from the sky and he has to save the planet by sinking a shot, says the blessing and then we each take a turn telling what we are most thankful for. This year I started the Prissy Fox consignment shop, found my new four-legged BFF, Bruce Willis under my front porch and discovered my ex’s finance wrapped up in plastic and dead as Lincoln. I’d say that’s a lot to be thankful for.

After dinner friends drop by. That no-good, low-rent lawyer Walker Boone will come visiting and mooch leftovers, that’s just his style.

It’s going to be a mighty fine Christmas here in Savannah, I’m sure. So what are your plans for Christmas or Hanukah? Do you have any favorite foods you’re looking forward to?

Merry Christmas from the Consignment Shop mystery regulars.


Duffy and Tonya at Duffy's house at her annual Murder Mystery Party!

Duffy Brown loves anything with a mystery. While others girls dreamed of dating Brad Pitt, Duffy longed to take Sherlock Holmes to the prom. She has two cats, Spooky and Dr. Watson, and conjures up who-done-it stories of her very own for Berkley Prime Crime. Duffy writes romance as Dianne Castell and is a USA Today bestselling author.

 (and the necklace)


  1. Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love all the music, have been listening since Thanksgiving! Family comes for food and fun....everyone brings something to share! I don't do it all anymore! I want to enjoy it too! Christmas books are the best! Would love to win a copy of yours!

    1. Hi, Lori. So nice when everyone brings something to share, makes life easier on all and we get new recipes to try out.
      I love Christmas music too. Sure gets me in the mood. Have a good weekend. Hugs

  2. Hands down Halloween thru New Year's is my favorite time of the year. I love watching the seasons change. The smells of the fall and winter are awesome - pumpkin, balsam, peppermint, the smell of the "cold." It's a great time to be out and about in NJ. You run into people you know everywhere you go - running errands, exercising out doors, checking out the views.

    Duffy and Tonya - that is the cutest picture! Your generous spirits and personalities are amazing.

    1. Hi, Ladybug. I love the change of seasons too. This is a great time in Cincy before things get toooooo cold. Now if it could just stay this way till April.

  3. Happy Holidays. That is a great picture. Looks like a great

    1. Tonya is a terrific friend. Always a fun time with her. Thanks for having me here and so much fun chatting with you all.

  4. We always make Christmas cookies which feature fruit cake type ingredients but they are AWESOME. Happy Holidays

  5. Merry Christmas! I love celebrating an old fashioned italian Christmas.

    1. Hi, Linda, My maiden name is Castelluccio...I know all about Italian Christmas. Very loud!! LOL

  6. Christmas is my family's favorite time of year asides from Fall. Four years ago, we started the tradition of going to the Christmas Train because my youngest son loved trains before he was able to walk and talk. And last year we were lucky enough to welcome an elf named Chippy into our family that adds to the fun and magic of Christmas for my boys. :)

    1. Hi, Saralyn, Looooove Christmas trains. When the kids were little we always had one around the base of the Christmas tree. Great memories. That you have your own persona elf is wonderful. Have fun!

  7. You all have amazing Christmas stories. Cookies, change of seasons, the music and fun with family and friends. Thanks for sharing and thanks, Tonya, for having me here and for all the good times we've had together.

  8. LOL, what a great post, Duffy! Being a member of that 'Southern' family, I can relate to most of it! My favorite holiday food would have to be pecan pie.....nuff said.

    1. Loooove pecan pie. Always my fav! Thanks for chatting. Where do you live?

  9. Merry Christmas! Thanks for the recipe! My friend Cheryl Green has raved about your book! Cheryl and I are both reviewers and I know that when she loves a book, it must be wonderful! Congratulations on your success!

    1. Hi, Laura. So glad Cheryl had fun with Iced Chiffon. She's on my Street Team and done a lot to promote the book What a sweetie! Thanks for chatting, Laura.

  10. I love Christmas and even got married a week before Christmas. My favorite wedding picture is the 2 of us dancing cheek to cheek in front of the Christmas tree. Celebrating my 36th anniversary next week. My family's favorite is my apple pie. Would love to read your book.

    1. Hi, Jean! Major congrats on 36 years!!!! wow, you should be very proud. Christmas is indeed a great time to get married. Have a terrific anniversary.
      Hugs, Duffy

  11. Love the Holidays especially when I get to spent time with my family and friends. Happy Holidays!!!

    1. Hi, the name. I have an Auntie KiKi in Iced Chiffon that is a hoot. I grew up with a gal named KiKi and she was so much fun too. Something about that name brings out the best. :-)


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