Monday, December 17, 2012

Twelve Days of Giveaways DAY SIX with Gerry McCullogh

Today we are lucky to have author Gerry McCullough to the blog! We all have dreams during this time of the year that seem a bit more. . . MAGICAL! 
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Christmas Dreams and Secrets.

Do you remember really longing for some special Christmas present? And knowing that your mother had some things hidden in her bedroom, which you weren’t meant to know about?
One year, when I was about ten, I longed for a pair of stilts – don’t ask me why, now! But at that time, it was the dream of my heart. I think maybe I planned to join the circus. Hard to remember. So one day, not long before Christmas, when my mother was busy downstairs, I went and poked about in my mother’s and father’s wardrobe. There were two long objects wrapped in Christmas paper behind the shoes and other objects on the wardrobe floor.
Oh, joy! It must be my stilts!
But come Christmas morning, lots of nice presents, but no stilts. I couldn’t believe it.
Then I realized that my two older sisters had each been given an umbrella.  So that must be what the long objects were! Sooo boring, but they seemed pleased.
So much for my stilts! With hindsight, they might not have been such a great present. I would probably have fallen all over the place in them.
Much later, as a mother myself, I was the one who did the hiding of presents. And one year, my youngest daughter, aged around three, must have done some poking about in turn. Her granny had bought her some pyjamas, as well as some toys. One evening, she disappeared upstairs, and then came down, saying she was ready for bed – wearing the pyjamas! I really think she believed we wouldn’t notice. How the times go round!
Then, one special year, when I was fourteen, I got a present I’d longed for for years. It was a portable typewriter. As an intended author, I was, for the first time, in a position to type up my stories and send them to publishers in the required format, instead of sending a handwritten version. (I’d had a very kind letter from one publisher, returning my manuscript, which said that they really couldn’t undertake to read handwritten books. And I’d thought I’d written it out so neatly, too!).
I couldn’t believe it. A typewriter! All my dreams were about to come true – I would be a published author!
Alas, it was quite a few years later before this really happened, and by then my sweet little portable was long gone and I was writing on a computer. First one, then many others, of my short stories were published. One story, Primroses, actually won an important literary competition. Others were short-listed, were runner-ups, or won less prestigious competitions. Then came my first published full length novel, Belfast Girls, published by Night Publishing; followed by Danger Danger; Angel in Flight: An Angel Murphy Thriller (First of Series); a collections of short stories called The Seanachie; and a YA Time Travel Adventure, Lady Molly & The Snapper. I’m currently working on the second Angel thriller, Angel in Belfast, which should be out in the New Year.
So Christmas dreams really can come true, and the secrets can really bring all the happiness you longed for and dreamed about – provided you actually do keep on hoping!


Belfast Girls:
Danger Danger:
Angel in Flight:

The Seanachie: Tales of Old Seamus:

Lady Molly & The Snapper: A YA Time Travel Adventure set in Ireland and on the High Seas:


  1. Haha! Stilts! I got an ironing board once, many years ago. Saw the box, but couldn't, for the life of me, figure it out.

    1. Oh, dear! An ironing board is even more boring than umbrellas, Shado!

  2. Great story! Would love to win your book Gerry!

    1. Isn't that story funny! My husband always wanted a unicycle so last year I got him one. He is really good at it.

  3. Thanks for having this contest. I always wanted a pony. Never got it but loved all the books I did receive.

    1. Hahahhaa! I think everyone wanted a pony at some point....sigh....I wanted a unicorn!

  4. I remember when Teddy Ruxpin came out and I wanted it so bad that I made sure that both of my parents, the grandparents and Santa knew just what I wanted. And good ol' Santa came through and gave me exactly what I wanted. I loved Teddy Ruxpin because I finally had someone to tell me stories whenever I wanted! :)

    1. Oh! that's a good one Saralyn! I remember him. Too cute.

  5. I always wished to be a mom it was my dearest dream. I had many fertility problems. I got my greatest present December 23, 1995 my eldest daughter Noelle>