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Christmas Came Early for This Author!

Merry Christmas to me!!

Over five years ago I joined a little grog (group blog) Chasing Heroes! It was great! I was a nobody. . .I hadn't even finished writing my first novel. BUT the group enjoyed my guest posts and asked me to become a grog partner. It was fantastic.

That is where I met a lot of you! My readers!

On Chasing Heroes, we were supposed to blog about why we love heroes and heroines in novels. I did that, but the most posts that gained the most attention was the personal posts. And I had plenty of those. It was how I connected with you. It was how you saw that I'm just a mom, wife, and gal pal that has the same struggles as everyone else. . .only I publicized them on a blog!!

Eventually we turned the blog into The Naked Hero and let romance author take it over. I'm proud to say that it still lives on today and wow! Those girls are fun!!

A couple of years ago, me and a couple other writers wanted to jump on the epublishing bandwagon! And I mean all things epublishing. Including small publishers and self publishing. So we started The Writer's Guide To Epublishing. It quickly became popular with the world of self publishing soaring with a few thousand hits a day, and it quickly became all about self publishing and the down low. The only time The Writer's Guide To Epublishing made it close to 100 million hits was when author Lee Lopez wrote a blog on a controversial issue between writer's and a major writing organization called Romance Writer's of America.

But it wasn't reaching the readers. . .it was reaching writers and I love helping writers but I missed my reader blogs. I missed connecting with you! I left there a year ago to start my STREET TEAM and make a closer relationship with my readers!

I search all over for the right blog/grog for me. I did several guest posts, I started my own blog here to continue to help writers, but I missed that reader interaction a blog gives you.

FINALLY!! I'm happy to announce that the search is over and I found my new grog home!!

Indie Chicks Cafe!

This is an amazing group of Independent women writers that are seen as the ultimate of ultimate Indie writers that was started by author Cheryl Shireman.

Taken from the Indie Chicks Cafe website:

"Gathered by Cheryl Shireman, the Indie Chicks are a group of women writers who enjoy supporting and encouraging other women writers. We have all published in various ways – independently, with traditional publishers, or by combining both methods. No matter how published, we have one thing in common – a love of writing and an independent spirit. In our ranks, you will find much-acclaimed bestsellers and also a few writers who are just starting out. We live in various parts of the world and come from a variety of backgrounds.
Originally, we gathered together to create one anthology. The experience was so enjoyable that many of us decided to continue together to create more anthologies. We believe that together we can make a difference not only in each other’s lives, but in the world. All proceeds from the various Indie Chicks Anthologies go to charitable organizations.
We hope you will return to the Indie Chicks CafĂ© – our website where you will not only find all of our books, but where you can also find all of us hanging out and blogging about various topics close to our hearts."

Seriously....Cheryl was asking me...little ole me to join them?! My mouth dropped, I couldn't write for an entire day. I was on cloud nine and still on cloud nine!

I went through the list of authors and my heart about jumped out of my body.
There is really now way, shape or form that I was in their league! Was I???

Maybe not in my eyes, but I'm going to be me. I'm going to do what I love best. . .connect with my readers, connect with you. I'll let you know when I'm there and I hope you join me!

Until then, starting this week on the 14th I'm hosting my TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS giveaway here on this blog! You will be reading guest blogs from some of these authors as well as some of my favorite author friends PLUS enter to win the prize of the day! Some of the prizes include jewelry, gift cards, ebooks, and print books!

In the meantime, my Christmas short story, A NEW TRADITION, is free on Smashwords for all ereaders! Go grab a copy!

My granny use to say "tell me who you run around with and I will tell you who you are."
Look who I'm running around with! I think my granny would be proud! I know I am!

Indie Chicks Roster (Past** and Present)

Anna Elliott
**Anne R. Allen
Barbara Silkstone
Beth Elisa Harris
Carol Davis Luce
Cheryl Bradshaw
Cheryl Shireman
**Christine DeMaio-Rice
**Christine White Kersey
Christy Hayes
Consuelo Saah Baehr
**Dani Amore
**Danielle Blanchard
Dea Lenihan
Donna Fasano
Elizabeth Ann West
Faith Helen Mortimer
Georgina Young Ellis
Gerry McCullough
Heather Adkins
**Julia Crane
Karin Cox
Katherine Owen
Kimberly Gould
Lia Fairchild
Lin Welch
Lizzy Ford
LK Gardner-Griffe
Louise Voss
**Mel Comley
Melissa Smith
Michele Scott
Michelle Muto
Patrice Fitzgerald
Peg Brantley
Penelope Crowe
**Prue Batten
Sarah Woodbury
**Shea MacLeod
Sibel Hodge
**Suzanne Tyrpak
**Talia Jager
Terri Giuliano Long
Traci Hohenstein"


  1. So happy for you! That's a great accomplishment! I hope I can join once I publish my first book in March, it sounds like such a great group!

  2. Congratulations! I'll definitely check out the blog, and eagerly anticipate your first post :)

  3. Fantastic Tonya! It's great to have such a wonderful group of indie writers. Can't wait to join once my book comes out - soon I hope!


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