Tricks to using Goodreads!

As if me telling you that being on Facebook and Twitter isn't enough social media. . .GOODREADS is where you need to be. . .too!

Yes, you still have to be on Facebook and Twitter, but I also want you to start a Goodreads account.


Good question. You have a blog, website, Facebook and Twitter. You are reaching a lot of people this way, BUT are you reaching your READER target audience?

You know that I'm all about my readers! Goodreads is a place where readers and writers gather!

Think about this....readers join Facebook to connect with their friends, family, and maybe their favorite public figures (which include authors). Their main goal was to find lost people or keep in touch with family by sharing pictures, etc....

When someone joins Goodreads, they are there for the intent to connect by books. THAT is a plus for us! That is exactly what we are looking for.

Go to Goodreads and join. You will need to create an account. This is pretty easy and self explanatory.

NEXT. . .

I highly recommend that you join the Author's Program. You can only do this if you have a published book.
When you enroll into the program, you will be able to search for your book in the search box. If your book doesn't come up, you will need to ADD YOUR BOOK MANUALLY.
Wait. . . you aren't done. You will be asked to verify that you are the author. In the box where you verify, you will need to tell them that you would like to be enrolled in the the author program.

Then you will wait for Goodreads to verify who you are. This could take up to a couple days.

Don't sit on your laurels while you wait for them to get back to you about the author program. You are still a member from when you opened your account, so go to your profile page and beef it up. Be sure to add a profile picture (good one!) and blog site. You want to have all this done so when you do get approved for the author program, you are ready to go.

When you get approved for the author program, you are going to go back into your profile by clicking on your picture in the right hand corner. Click on edit. You will see a box that asks you to pick a URL user name. Make it simple, easy for people to find you! Mine is :
Make sure you click save at the bottom of the page.

Now it's time to start building your "friends" list. Now some of my friends are carry over from Facebook and Twitter, while some are readers who happen to find me on Goodreads. Plus there is you! My blog followers.

Why blog followers? So glad you asked!!

You will need to put your blog RSS or Atom URL on your page. This will post your current blog posts on your Goodread page and you will reach more blog followers and that is NOT a bad thing.

How do you figure out the RSS or Atom URL of your blog? Here are a few simple steps that I took from the Blogger and Wordpress websites:

  1. Go to your blog
  2. On Blogger, scroll all the way down to the bottom and look for ‘Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)’
  3. On WordPress, look to the right of the posts for ‘RSS – Posts’
  4. Right-click on that link
  5. Left-Click on Copy Link Address
  6. Go to Goodreads
  7. Click your name in the upper right corner to go to your author profile
  8. Click edit profile
  9. Under your picture, click add/edit blog
  10. On the right side look for External blog feed URL
  11. Click ‘change’ if the URL field isn’t showing
  12. Right-Click in the space
  13. Left-Click ‘paste
  14. Your URL should now show up and look something like this:
  15. Click the add feed button
SHEW! Did that wear you out??

There are over 5 million people on Goodreads. I can guarantee that there are a lot of readers that read your genre, that would LOVE to connect with you.

Now that you are well on your way. . .I think this is enough for one blog post. Stay tuned for Wednesday when I tell you tips on how to connect with some of the 5 million friends!

OH!! Friday we have a special guest explaining everything you need to know about TRIBBER!!! 


  1. Bless your cotton socks... Took a while as Goodreads kept going down.. But I got there in the end..

    Many thanks..xx

    1. Rosalind, there is so much good stuff to learn on Goodreads and it completely allows us to hang out with our readers.

  2. Thanks, Tonya. Just the kick in the tuckus I needed. I've been a member for a while, but admit I've sorely neglected Goodreads for lack of time. I'll get there :-)

    1. Yes, Dariel, it's easy to get there when someone helps us break it down. Little baby steps just like everything else.

  3. thank you for you help, truly appreciate it Tonya. :)

    1. You are so welcome, Patricia. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. I'm dizzy now, Tonya, but know I need to delve into this post b/c I've always wondered how to make any real sense of Goodreads. Thanks for taking the time to break this down!

    1. Joanna, I've found that it's easier to break down things and then chip away at figuring them out. So glad you are here.

  5. Tonya, great post! Very helpful in explaining the Goodreads process:). Can't wait to read tomorrow's on how to connect!

  6. OMG, I had Goodreads all set up...and then recently started my blog, but hadn't added it to Goodreads! So glad I stumbled upon your blog as it reminded me of (sigh) one more thing I needed to do. But, since it took like 2 seconds, YAY!

    1. Yes!!! Millie so glad you did. I get a lot of writers who find my blog through Goodreads. I hope you see some results.

  7. Great post, Tonya. Can you be more specific about where the URL user name box is? I have a goodreads profile and a goodreads author profile. But I don't see the box you mention on either. Help?! Thanks!

    1. Sure, Carol. Go to your edit profile by the pull down menu on your photo icon top right. Where it says user name, you will want to make it very simple. That is what I'm talking about. Mine is simply Tonyakappes. Got it?

  8. Goodreads is having some issues with TROLLS - and people are getting caught up in it. That might explain the sudden breaks in service.

    I'm not saying the site isn't a good place - I hang out there - but there are accusations of bullying - and related nastiness - as well as a lot of negative reviews.

    I am saying this may not be the best month to get on the site and run with it. A few weeks from now might be a better time - give the trolls a chance to run through without risking your book to a bunch of 1-star reviews.

    1. WOW! This is the first time I'm hearing of it. I'm sad this is happening to some people. But just because it's happening this month doesn't mean it's going to stop and you can't stop marketing yourself on the just in cases.

      I would definitely continue to get on Goodreads and just like everything else, you can only do so much to those people who are jealous. The best thing to do is continue on and ignore them. They will eventually go away.

      So sorry this has happened to you. It's a GREAT site.

  9. Thanks Tonya - I've been in the Goodreads author program for over a year but never added my external blog to it. I have now!

  10. Great blog Tonya. I've sent emails to my fellow mystery writers on Sleuths' Ink with your url. Hope they come to read, mark, learn, and apply your suggestions.