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The Well Writer

I hope you enjoyed the funny video!! Seriously! Isn't that the way we stay fit? At least most of the days?

Recently I made the decision to work three days at the day job and take two days to work on my writing career. My day job keeps me in pretty good shape. I'm a Developmental Child Therapist which means I have a combined degree in physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, and developmental therapy. I rarely sit down during the day. So keeping fit has really not been an issue for me.

This is the third week that I have worked my new schedule being home for two days straight. Not only are those two days straight, it's Thursday and Friday which means the weekend makes it FOUR days straight. Granted, I have three boys who are into every sport imaginable and we are always running from practices to games which is really great because I take those opportunities to write outside of the home. (I'm so glad this writing gig can happen on the move!)

AND I walk my dogs every day....regardless of day job or not. BUT I never imagined that writing for HOURS in a day would bring the change to my body in only two days. By the end of the second day, my neck was tense, my shoulders ached, my butt-bone felt bruised, and my eyes were crossed. I got a lot of words done, and good words, but it took me all day Saturday to recuperate!!

Quickly I recognized that something was going to have to change. My body was use to being up and moving, lifting children, talking, playing games, and being active. BUT my writing career is very important to me and I needed to find a way for my body to adapt to my new schedule.

1) Keep a pack of gum handy! Oh. . .and make it sugar free because the last thing you need is a root canal to take you out of the writing mood. Chewing gum helps relax you jaw and neck which releases the tension. At the end of the day, you won't feel that tension.

2) Yoga ball! YES! Try sitting on a yoga ball while at your desk. Not only will it help with you NOT slumping, it will also help with your core strength and your abs will love you for it. Especially when you look great in that bathing suit this summer from all the time you write sitting on the yoga ball!!

3) Writing mini-marathons!
Set your time for writing sprints through out your day. Write for 20 minutes straight and when the timer goes off, stand up and stretch your legs by walking around your house, doing a couple of squats, mediate for five minutes. Do something that is going to get your body, mind, and spirit in sync.

4) Exercise!
If at all possible, try to get in regular cardiovascular exercise every day. Not only will it reduce your stress level, it will help keep you fit.

5) Stand up!
I know this sound really strange, but I get my best writing done while I'm standing. While waiting for my coffee to brew or my lunch to be heated, I will take my laptop or my notepad into my kitchen and write. It might not be the best cardio activity, but it helps with blood flow and moving my muscles around.

I have to admit that I love being able to get up, head to my office, and WRITE!

Do you have any good exercise tips to help with the writer's cramp??



  1. Great tips, Tonya, although I tried sitting on a physioball and it trashed my neck. You still have to consider ergonomics and make sure it's the correct height for you and for your desk set up. I was a PTA for nearly 20 years before becoming a massage therapist, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. If I didn't work outside the home twenty hours or more a week, I'd be a train wreck. Although I'm pretty good about taking care of myself, the writer's life makes it extremely challenging. Thanks for the reminders. I'm actually doing a craft corner on "stretching for Writers" this weekend at my RWA chapter. I'll be sure to pass along some of your tips. LOVE the video! Will share that as well:-)

  2. LOL Loved the video, Tonya. Great tips, and I'm going to try them.


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