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Not In Your Face Marketing. . .Content Marketing

There is nothing worse than going into a department store and the sprinkler effect of getting sprayed by the cologne lady! Is there?

What about those authors who constantly market their books on Facebook or Twitter or their blog?

We become a little numb, don't we? I'm an author and I even get so sick of it.


This has been a big buzz word for authors lately. And it's super important we all fully understand what CONTENT MARKETING is and how it will increase your sales and on-line presence.

What is content marketing? Simple. . .it's the content you put out there that offer something to the reader, your readers. Not 'buy my book' posts, but something that truly gives back to the reader and helps you make a connection to them that will keep them coming back.

I do this in several ways. I have a STREET TEAM I give back to each month to let them know how much I appreciate them. I don't release a new book every month, so it's evident I'm not pushing my books on them. We talk about what they are reading, some of their favorite author swag, and just life. It helps them see that I put my pants on one leg at a time just like them.

I use this blog to reach out and give back to writers. All the blog posts might not apply to you, but I try to cover different topics that has helped me over the past few years in this roller coaster business. All the post come from my heart and they are as truthful as I can be. My only intent is to pay it forward without expecting anything back.

I have two profiles on Facebook (besides my STREET TEAM). One for writers and readers is my LIKE page and the second is a more personal page. But I accept all friends on my personal one. I opened the LIKE page recently because the personal page has a 5k person limit. It's been great because I mainly post writerly things on the LIKE page and put personal pictures up of my three teenage sons, two dogs, and other silly stuff my family does. Readers love it! I don't push my books or buy me. Every so often I will remind readers I have a STREET TEAM  and want to give back to them. I will definitely post a new release or any awards my books might get.

Twitter I post inspirational posts with hashtags on gratitude, payitforward, happiness, get the point. I also belong to a tweet team where I promote other authors. Of course I still throw a few of my blog posts in there or promote my books, but it's not the main content of my Twitter.

As you can see, the few things that I do is to connect with readers and writers on a completely different level than just me being a writer. If people like you, they will buy your books. They will invest in you as a reader.

Here are the questions you need to ask to build your CONTENT MARKETING strategy:
1) What is your expertise?
2) How do you use your website?
3) Who is your audience?
4) How will you make money?

How can you use Content Marketing to increase your on-line presence and sales?


  1. As always, I'm furiously taking notes! Since self-publishing is new to me, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start and underwhelmed by my abilities. LOL BUT, your blog gives me the tips and tricks to believe I can do this. I'll also be getting the Tricked Out Toolbox this weekend! :-)

    Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Alannah, I'm so glad you are here. Thank you so much. I don't have all the answers, but all these answers work for me. That is why I pass them along to you.

      Enjoy the Tricked Out Toolbox. I'm always adding to it in notes:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This article is "Author Food." The tips you graciously shared with us are very important. Aggressive marketing is a turnoff, even when it is done outside of our profession. Like Alannah Lynne, I am taking notes.

    1. Mila, "author food", you are making me blush! Thank you so much! I hope these tips work for you as they have for me.

  4. Thanks Tonya for another timely post. I hope by the time my first novel is about to get released, I will be ready with my marketing plan.

  5. This is great! I'm constantly trying to think of ways to use my website more effectively:). Thanks, as always, for sharing!

  6. Excellent post. I've been struggling to get Twitter followers and appreciate the tips. I definitely won't push my own stuff often. As you say, that's a turnoff to followers.

  7. Thank you Tonya! I always get something from each of your blogs. I appreciate that you give back, and so freely. As a fairly new author, I am reading all I can to learn everything I can to better myself, my writing and my business. Thanks again and blessings to you and your family!! Tamy

  8. Your integrity is a strength and I love the message you send. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Aneesa! So glad you are here.

  9. It is beautiful to see writers give back, as it is in other professions. Thanks for adding to this fantastic example--there are not enough like you these days!


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