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Use Your Facebook To Find Readers

When I blogged about whether you should have a personal Facebook page or a like Facebook page, I never imagined what came with a like page.

Facebook gives you INSIGHT. This is something that having a personal page does not give you. The personal page is just that. . .personal. The like page is a business page and will track all sorts of information, information that can be used to track your sales and what your readers are liking the most about your page.

You need to understand these INSIGHTS!

Here are some key things that you will learn about your like page:

1) How engaged are your followers?
2) What topic is making your followers engage?
3) How many followers are passive or active?
4) How many like, comments, and shares are you getting?

Every one of these come in a handy grid that you can even export for your records.

Knowing these statistics will help you decide what is and isn't working for you. If you post a picture of your dog and you get fifty likes or you post a picture of a pair of shoes and get ten likes...obviously you are going to post more pics of your dog. Now your "dog might be sitting next to you as you edit" OR sitting next to your newly published book. You are not only reaching that target that loves your dog pics, but it's getting your book out there too. Plus you are keeping your readers happy by posting those pictures which mean your "likability" factor is good and they are more likely to buy your book.

You always have to remember that this is your career. You spend a lot of time on social media and you need to know what is working and not working for you.

How do you use your Facebook in your favor?


  1. Thanks Tonya. You have given me something to think about. I'm going to map out a strategy for facebook when it gets closer to the release date for my book. Right now, I only have a personal page. Great food for thought here.

    1. Gerri, I have seen sooo many authors make business pages for their books. I would highly suggest NOT doing this. The book will have a short lived release and you want something with your brand on it. I suggest you go ahead and build on it. You don't have to tell people it's there, but you should play around with it before you go live.

  2. I have both types of pages, however, I don't really understand why it is so hard to use the business page. I can't 'visit' other pages or 'like' other pages from there. If I want to make a comment on someone else's page, I have to do it from the personal page. Do you know why they make it so difficult or if there is a way around it?

    I have almost 3000 friends on my personal page, and only about 500 on my business page. I don't understand how to make them more compatible.

    1. KT, I'm not sure why you can't like or visit other pages. Business pages can only like other business pages. For instance, my personal page and like and friend your personal page. BUT my business page can only like your business page.
      I'm not having any problems with liking other pages. Maybe you should send Facebook a quick email.
      Another way for you to leave a comment would be to tag the recipient in your comment.
      I post the exact same thing on my personal page, business page and google plus. A lot of authors do this. I'm hoping to eventually get rid of the personal page, so for now, I post the same on all to make them compatible. I also repost the "come like my author page" and make it a highlight so it stands out on the top of my personal page. I know it's so in your face, but no one seems to mind and I always send a thank you and return the favor.

  3. I'm not published so don't consider myself an author, but a writer. I have a personal page that has only people I know and like... so not very many. Would it be wrong for me to have an author page at this point in my "hoped for" career?

  4. NO! Robena, have you gotten my non-fiction book, The Tricked Out Toolbox? You have to start marketing your career from the time you decide you want to be an author until the day you die. It's never to early. I wish I had done mine as a business page when I started out...hindsight.

  5. Wow! I need to start utilizing my like page more!

    1. Maria, it's not so bad if you do the same things on both of them. Eventually I plan on just the business page and drop the personal.

  6. Tonya,
    You always have GREAT articles! Thanks for writing them!
    Laurie Carlson

    1. Thanks so much! Laurie, I truly appreciate you reading them!

  7. Tonya, this is fabulous information! Thanks so much! But question: why do you want to eliminate your personal page? And why are you waiting until later to do it? I'm trying to make this decision now and I'm not sure I understand the issue well enough.

    1. Hi, Diane! I don't think I will eliminate my personal page because I have so many followers there. I do a lot more personal things on my personal things like kid pictures, etc....
      Originally I was going to delete it, but I don't want to lose any followers. Sooooo for now, I will keep two. But when I decide to go with one, I'm sure I'll blog on it.


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