Monday, April 2, 2012

Guest Blogger Tips and Tricks

One of the best ways to reach readers is to guest blog, especially when you have a book release or upcoming event that you want to market and promote.

We spend countless hours (away from our current work in progress) and email numerous blog sites that may or may not take our invitation to do a guest blog. And then, some of those sites have been booked up three-six months past your release date...sigh....

BUT when you do get the yes email on the exact day you want, you definitely want to give the best blog post you can. There are certain items that you need to research and include in your guest post.

1) Communication. Obviously you've done your research and feels that being a guest on a certain blog is for you. Communication with the blogger is a key role in keeping your end of the bargain. If you give them good communication, you will be seen as professional and they are more likely to have you back again. This is the type of relationship you want!

2) Audience. What is the audience of the site where you are guest blogging? You have to tailor your blog post to the site. You don't want to talk about promotion and marketing on a reader site. You don't want to try to push your novel to a site that is all about teaching writers. Do you write erotic? Don't guest blog on an inspirational blog site...duh?

3) Organized. It's important that you get your guest post to the blogger a couple weeks ahead of time. This means you have to have thought about your guest post and write it EARLY! You want to be sure that they read your post and they are okay with what you have decided to blog about. Sometimes you might have to add or delete or change your guest blog completely, but that's okay. You are learning.

4) Promote! Be an advocate for the blog you are lucky enough to get a day to shine. Bloggers get a lot of emails a day where authors are begging them to host them. They picked YOU! What an honor! Be sure you that are Tweeting, Google +, Facebook the day of your guest blog. Show them that you care that they allowed you to come to their site.

Another idea for sites to look for other than blogs that are in your genre, is the niche of your novel. My novel, Carpe Bead 'em, has a beading element through out the novel, so I targeted blogs that have to do with beading jewelry. I goggled all different key words and a ton popped up. I also went on Twitter and put in beading hashtags to see what came up. These blogger were so eager to have an author on their blog. It was so much fun and I gave away a copy of my novel. If I picked up one reader along the way, it was worth it for me.

Think outside the box when it comes to guest blogging. Let your FREAK FLAG show!!


  1. Great post and I love that you looked outside the box and sought out blogs that feature beads. You are a smart cookie.
    The one thing that kinda annoys me (I'm a book blogger) is when I do post the author's guest blog post, the author leaves it totally up to me to publicize. They make no note of the blog post on their FB, Twitter etc. They asked to be a guest but then make no effort to get the word out.
    I think if there is a guest blog post, it has to work two ways.
    Take care,

    1. Oh, Michelle, I completely agree about the promoting of the blog. Both parties should definitely promote it.

  2. What a great post. And the timing could not be better as I'm running a virtual blog in a little over a month for a bunch of writers some who have little experience being guests/hosts. Reading this blog post will hopefully help them understand guesting better.

    1. Thanks, Tasha. Good luck with your clients!!!

  3. Tonya, good info, as per usual. I do appreciate the point you made on being professional. As a blog that features two authors a week, I can tell you I hate when my guests get me the article the night I need to get it up on the blog. Really?

    As a blog owner who believes in professionalism, I spend a lot time setting up the guest post. I want my guest showcased. It takes me a couple of hours, minimum to get everything set just right. So you can imagine doing it after midnight is not a way to endear me.

    Blogs who feature guests usually have guidelines--or they should. Ask for them and comply. When choosing blogs, take into account that there are many anonymous followers who read but don't comment. Don't let it discourage you. For example, when I interviewed you with Carpe Bead 'Em, I only had 36 comments. Doesn't seem like many, does it? But my two stat trackers show there were over 200 people who spent 5 or more minutes reading the interview and didn't comment. That excludes yours and my visits to the blog for that interview.

    And blast it out to the media that you're blogging on such n such blog. That helps you to get your target audience visiting. Helps when your friends also tweet or share the link with their followers.

    Hugs, Tonya!


    1. Thanks, Sia. I love your blog, BTW! The same goes with this blog. I have over 500 page views a day with a handful of comments. THAT is what is important. The page view count, BUT I love the comments!