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Are you a worry wart writer?

Seriously, what the H*** does that mean?
 It means that worry won't get your next book written, it won't help you send out that query to your favorite agent, it won't help you take the leap into self publishing. It will only help you stand still and do nothing. 

Stop being jealous. This does nothing for your creative flow. It does nothing but put a nasty taste in your mouth and stop you from writing your stories. It's time to put all that to rest and cheer each other on. I promise you will not only feel better about being happy for others, but you will have more energy to put toward your books.

Stop procrastinating. Yes! I don't want to hear that you are busy. I'm busy! I out line how busy I am in my blog How Bad Do You Want. If you haven't read that post, you should! I promise it is one you won't forget. Procrastination will get you no further to publication. You say you want to be a writer, but do you really mean it? Are you doing what is necessary to get it done? Not if you are procrastinating.

Stop blaming others. This is so easy to do in our everyday life. The dog had to walk, I had to drive the kids to school, I had to go to the day job (did I mention I have a day job, four teenage boys, husband, and two dogs), I had to go to a late meeting, my wife's family came over for dinner. OR I got another rejection from XX agent, the editor hated my proposal, the reader gave me one star. . .the list can go on and on. But you can stop this! Post a positive quote that speaks to you or re-read the favorite book, blog post that started your writing career that made you want to become a writer. This is YOUR career. No one else. Besides, who ever you are blaming this on doesn't even know and doesn't care.

Stop moping. So you got another rejection or your self published novel got a one star review. Okay, take a minute. I'm timing you! * whistling*

Moping is over! You are a writer. Pull up your big girl/boy pants on and do the job that you love. If you don't love it. . .well, you love it so do it!

Stop chasing the writing trend. If you don't write vampires, stop trying! If you don't write YA, stop trying! I've heard it so many times that chick-lit is dead. Who cares? I love writing chick-lit, so I self published Carpe Bead 'em. If it is so dead, how did I make Amazon's Movers and Shakers? How come I'm selling over 2k copies a month? There is an audience out there. If you love what you write, write it.

Stop listening to what isn't selling. Read above!

Stop being afraid. No matter where your publishing career is taking you. Take the next step. Whether that step is querying the agent of your dreams or self-publishing, go for it.

Stop sitting and start doing. You know that you are sitting in front of your computer trolling the internet (stumbling upon my blog. . .but read my blog first before you go:)) Do you have a book to finish? A book to upload to KDP, Smashwords, etc...Do you have a blog to write?

Stop not taking yourself serious! You have decided to become a writer, a published author. It's time. It's time to treat this a any career.

Stop being ashamed. This one KILLS me! I've heard from so many writers say that their family doesn't know that they write. This baffles me. As a writer I can't contain myself from going on and on about what is going on in the industry or my characters. If you are ashamed. . .then maybe you shouldn't be a writer.

Success in this business is up to you. You decided if you want to keep going after those rejections, you decided how to get that next book to your editor, you decide if you want to self publish the book that hasn't sold to a publishing house. You decide whether you want success or failure.

International Bestselling author Tonya Kappes believes that targeted and smart promotion and marketing can take a book from lackluster sales to the world of bestseller. She pooled her resources and knowledge to write The Tricked Out Toolbox: Promotion and Marketing Tools Every Writer Needs. 
When not touting marketing and promotion through her workshops, she write cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, and women’s fiction.


  1. Great tips, Tonya! I do worry quite a lot, but for me, worry motivates me to get going!

  2. LOVE this, Tonya!
    I've got one: STOP doubting and start believing in yourself!
    I'm talking to myself here. It seems no matter how much postive feedback I get on my writing, I can easily slip into the "Everything I write sucks" mode. But it's only hurting myself. After all, if we don't believe in ourselves no one else will either. :o)
    Thanks for all these great reminders!

  3. Some really great tips. I wish all the newbie authors out there would read this. I took a huge leap of faith last April when I first self-pubbed Burn Out. I quit my job selling real estate and focused on writing full-time. Sometimes the worry-wart in me pops out and I start thinking my work is never good enough. Then I take I look back at where I came from and where I'm at today.

  4. Excellent article, Tonya.
    And you nailed me with procrastination. I allow the stupidest things to prevent me from working on my stories.
    Thanks for the pep talk!

  5. Kick up the whatsit! Good post Tonya - have featured it on my twitter @literaturelou and Facebook

  6. Thanks for the reminder to do what you love & not what the current trend is :-)It's hard not to worry (I think it comes with the territory), but I guess we need to channel it into something positive instead of letting it bog us down!

    Great post! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  7. You need to move in with me and be my drill sergeant!

  8. Such great advice, Tonya. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Tonya....You are so RIGHT!!!! Great advice!

  10. Another "Shape-up" shoulder shaking straight talk from Tonya. LOL. These are so motivational. Another one for the Pre TOTB notebook, ;)) I love what you said about chick-lit. I write paranormal cozy mystery romance and I don't have to decide which is stronger.

  11. Great encouragement! Thanks for posting:).

  12. Great way to turn that worry around to use for positive, Talli!

  13. Thanks, Lorie! It is easy to step back into that worry, doubtful mode. But with a positive kick in the hiney will get us back on track.

  14. WOW! Traci! I mean WOWOWOWOW!!! I wish I had half the guts you have! I still have that day job where I spend my day daydreaming about being a full time writer. That is a great motivator but scary at the same time. I'm so proud of you!

  15. Any time, any pep talk, Jeff you call me!

  16. Thanks so much, Louise! I found you on twitter and we are already friends on facebook! Cheers to you!

  17. Hi, Jan! Thanks so much for stopping by. Sometimes we need that kick in the pants to get us moving and remember what is important to us.

  18. Thanks so much for stopping by, Sheila!

  19. That's right, Livia! You can write them all. In today's publishing world you can submit what you want to publish what and when you want.

  20. Thanks for stopping by, Maria. WE can all use each other to cheer us on.

  21. Excellent advice all the way, Tonya! Thanks for helping us blaze the trail!

  22. Just the kick in the butt we all need to hear!

  23. Hi, PJ! So glad to see you here. Blazing the trail takes a lot of positive attitude. And you're doing awesome!!

  24. Christy, a good kick doesn't hurt anyone;) So glad you stopped by!

  25. Omg, Tonya! For once I'm elated to be kicked in the rear end. :))) Thanks! Heading over to read your How bad...

  26. Just a pep talk I needed to get my stalling WIP back into gear. Rear is a little sore from the kick in the pants, but I'll live with it. :)

    Keep writing!!

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