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Starting next week, I'm going to become a part of The WoMen's Literary Cafe (WLC) elite blog team!
This isn't the same old blog or even just a writer's blog, like my grog I co-founded The Writer's Guide To EPublishing.
This is a different blog, in fact it's a website. There is NOTHING like it out there. It's a website to UNITED THE LITERARY COMMUNITY!!
What do I mean by that?
As you know, I'm published with a small publisher and self published. I love to pay it forward and help any author no matter what publication journey they are on. I'm a true believer in doing it all. That includes being a part of a community of authors, writers, bloggers, editors, agents, publication companies, format professionals, cover designers, and more!
The more the merrier in my book.

WLC is a site where author will learn to cross promote with other authors, like the PR Buddy system I've talked about at WG2E and in my co-authored promotional and marketing book with Misa Ramirez, THE TRICKED OUT TOOLBOX~PROMOTIONAL AND MARKETING TOOLS EVERY WRITER NEEDS.

We are not only promoting authors, we are promoting bloggers, readers, and more. WLC is going to focus on blog tours, author spot lights, ongoing promotions, and how to live in this ever changing publishing industry.
Our author forums provide an opportunity for authors to hang out and share tips/tricks, and an opportunity to connect with readers.

For authors, there is free promotion that includes facebooking, tweeting, and blogging. It costs nothing! You just have to visit and fill the form out.
If you review books, we want to send you some!
Be sure to stop by and check out the site!!

If you want to check out the elite blog team, you have to click the blog tab! The blog is not the focus of the site, it's only there to pay it forward and help you!
Here is the blog schedule:

Monday - Maureen will be doing interviews w/WLC authors and Desiree is our resident Book Club Specialist
Tuesday - Carrie will be focusing on PR while Tonya will touch on  publishing and writing, 
Wed - Beth is talking about marketing and publishing, Johanna is hosting fun stuff for readers
Thurs - Stacy is going to tackle POV interviews w/WLC authors, Sirra  is talking editing
Fri - Eliz Cassidy, Humor as it pertains to life along with Maureen who has more interviews w/WLC authors
Sat - Dominique continues our week on editing, 
Sun -  Chris Morgan discusses the techy stuff that we really do need to figure out! Stacy will be back with more on  POV.
This is an amazing line-up! I hope you join us!

"Writing is not a competitive sport, neither is blogging or reviewing. There is room for everyone to succeed and now there is a venue to bring us all together." ~WLC founder, Melissa Foster

To learn more about WoMen’s Literary CafĂ© (hosting both men and women), please visit:
AUTHOR Promotions:
READER Events:


  1. Congrats on your new superfab team, Tonya!


  2. This sounds so interesting. I've been meaning to check out the site and definetly will in 2012. Thanks for the info, Tonya.

  3. Congrats, Tonya! I'm sure you'll be a highlight of the week! :) I really enjoy your posts on the WG2E

  4. Thanks, DD! It's going to be a lot of great stuff happening over there.

  5. You should, Sheila! You don't have to do anything but sign up for free stuff, and tagging, liking, just enjoy all the paying it forward promo we offer.

  6. Awww...thanks, Elizabeth! I'm flattered. I'll have to check out your new site too. 2012 is going to be very exciting!


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