Monday, November 7, 2011

Self Published Authors Invade My Kindle

It isn't often that I get some down time. Or time off from my daily life of writing.

I make a goal, I write, I edit, I edit some more, I re-write, edit, and publish. (With some professional editing in between of course.)

I smile for about three minutes, then I start writing a new book.

Not this time.

There has been so many GREAT books out lately, that my TBR KINDLE pile has grown two pages long!

Here's what I'm reading:

Fluid Fulfillment by DD Scott
Death on Deadline by Diane Majeske
Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet
Murder on the Vicarage by Agatha Christie
Angle of Incidence by Christy Hayes
Momma Does Time by Deborah Sharp
As you can see I've got a mix of chick-lit and mystery! Those are my two favorite genres to write and read in.

I'm taking the week off to read these amazing authors, then back to the writing grind on Monday. I'm going to be working on my next Olivia Davis Mystery that will come out in the spring of 2012, plus a prequel short story that will be out in the Viva La Valentine Anthology for my grog WG2E.

What about you? What are you reading and what do you suggest for my TBR????


  1. I have your book on my Kindle - just not read yet! At the moment I can't praise Asylum Lake by RA Evans highly enough :-D At the moment I am reading The Secrets of Moonspell - which is great ;-D

  2. Thank you so much, Rachel!! You made my day!! I will check out Asylum Lake! Thank you so much. I'm always looking for great books to read between projects!

  3. After the parents come back to town and pick up these two grandkids I've been keeping, I plan to start reading the copy of that I ordered from Amazon.
    It looks to be a great 'read'.

  4. Great list, Super T...and I not only have on my Kindle all the superfab authors you've mentioned above, but add these to y'all's lists too:

    Ms America and the Offing in Oahu by Diana Dempsey

    Trouble in Mudbug by Jana DeLeon

    Now and Then by John Locke

    I just finished Ms America, and I'm now reading the other two I mentioned!

    Happy Reading!!!

  5. Hey, Tonya!

    Can I just say how EXCITED I am to be on your Kindle?! (Add happy dance here . . .)

    Might I add I'm quickly collecting all of your titles, as well ...

    p.s. I tried McDonald coffee for the first time today, fyi

  6. Looks like you've got quite a reading list there. I also have a lot of indie authors I've got to read soon (once I get my hands on a Kindle). I'll definitely make sure to add these on my must read list.

  7. Oh, Jeff! You are a doll!! I'm actually putting your Carpe Bead 'em copy in the mail this week! I haven't been to post office.

  8. Thanks, DD!! Those do look soooo good! I keep seeing them in my "who bought this" stream so they must be good. Thanks so much!!

  9. Oh, Diane!! I read it in one afternoon and LOVED it!! I hope others pick it up too!!!! How did you like the coffee???

  10. Andrew!! YOU sooo need a Kindle. They are now only $79 and that's all you need. I'm not getting a Kindle Fire b/c I only use my Kindle to read. AMAZING!! Be sure to get these great books! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Tonya, you're so nice - now I just have to get my butt moving and finish the next one!!!

    (The McDonald's coffee was really good - and I'll admit, I was surprised . . . )

  12. I keep downloading books to my Kindle and I love indie authors because they're fun, exciting and not necessarily more of the same.

    Right now, I'm reading Thug Gard by D.D. Scott (anyone know who this chick is?!).

    Then it's on to:
    The Ladybug Jinx by Tonya Kappes
    Angle of Incidence by Christy Hayes
    Death At Bandit Creek by Amy Jo Fleming

    Seriously, there are so many books and not enough time to read them all. Just downloaded Talli Roland's newest one today, so that goes somewhere in the list, too. :)

  13. What a great list! And oh yay, Sheila! Thank you for downloading Build A Man! I hope you like it.

  14. Diane, if you live near a White Castle....OMG! Their coffee kills McDonalds!!

  15. Oh, Sheila! You are so sweet! Thank you for picking my book. I'm reading Christy Hayes "Dodge" and she's a great writer! I'll check out Amy Fleming!

  16. Thanks so much for reading Sleeping with Paris Tonya!! I hope your reading week was fabulous and that you're refreshed and ready to work on the next Olivia Davis mystery!