Camp Wildcat Reenactment and Giveaway!

Hi there! I'm so glad you're visiting our little town of Normal. Right over there is where the Camp Wildcat happened between the north and the south on the morning of October 21, 1861.
I'm Queenie French the Foundation of Camp Wildcat president. We've been doing the reenactment for years and this year is going to be the best yet. 

If you take a gander at the map, you'll see you're standing where the red star is located. 
I know the battle was in the fall, but Colonel Theophilous Garrard had started to form his unit in the spring of 1861. 

Besides, the weather in Kentucky in the fall is so wonky and unpredictable, I asked the committee to change the reenactment to the spring. Plus, look at this weather. Gorgeous!

Granted, the outcome of the reenactment is the same year after year, but I have to say that the actors I've picked this year will be fantastic and on their mark. It takes a lot of skill to drop dead and lay there for an hour or two until the reenactment is over. 

I know of few of my actors are a little. . .um . . .nervous since Greaser Gadie has escaped prison and they were on the jury. I'd be nervous too if I was a juror and he turned to me and say, "I'm taking a minute to remember your face so when I get out of here I'm going to find you and kill you."
But I'm sure he's long gone by now.

Right? I mean, if I escaped from prison, I wouldn't hang around to make good on a silly promise. . .would you???

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4 small bananas
1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup miniature marshmallows


1. Leaving skin on, cut the banana down the middle without cutting through the bottom of the skin.

2. Open the banana like a taco and add some chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows.

3. Wrap the stuffed banana in foil.

4. Sit the foiled banana on a grate over the open campfire.

5. Check the banana in five minutes and continue to check until the marshmallows and chocolate chips have melted to desired taste.

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From convict to victim!

Convict to Victim. . . .From the eyes of Greaser Gadie,

Here’s the situation. I had to get out of that prison. It was breaking my soul and the only person I knew to turn to was Brother Lester Hager, the preacher at the Normal Baptist Church in Normal, Kentucky.

I’m telling you, my soul was crushed. When Brother Lester and them church women came to talk to the prisoners, me included, I wasn’t sure about all that. After all, them bible beaters where spoutin’ off stories of redemption and love.

Then I got thinkin’. I’m redempted and I deserve love. When that pretty young thing got off that bus behind Brother Lester, I knew that she was the love I deserved. Her name was as pretty as her light brown hair and her crystal blue eyes. Julip Kaye Knox. She was smart too. She’s a map maker. There’s a fancy name for that. . . but anyways.

When she put her hand in the air to talk to some of the prisoners, I knew I had to be in her group. She came trotting into the communal area and my heart beat as fast as a turbo charged engine.

Week after week, I studied exactly what Julip had left for homework because I wanted her to notice me. The best day of my life was when the prison guard came in and told me I had a visitor. You couldn’t imagine my surprise when Julip was standing right there. Alone. And on a different day than then the normal group visit.

It was then that I came up with my brilliant plan to escape from prison. I just had to be with her outside of the bars. By the look on her face, I knew she was on board, and the most important part of my ticket out.

I wooed her for a few weeks and talked sad mouth to her about my conditions making it her idea for me to escape, which got her excited. She was the one who told me the secret about Preacher Lester Hager was keeping, but it was my idea on how to come up with the blackmail scheme.

The next time the bible beaters came to the prison, instead of getting into Julip’s group, I decided to go to Preacher Lester. During a moment of silence prayer, I whispered in his ear what I knew and if he brought me a few thousand dollars, an extra set of clothes, and a clear escape, then I’d keep my mouth shut.

It was a great idea until my ego got in the way. I’d escaped just like me and Lester planned, and it was on my way to Julip’s cabin in the woods, when lo and behold there was the Battle of Wildcat Reenactment taking place in the middle of the Daniel Boone National Park. This crazy lady in an exercise outfit and fanny pack, Queenie something or other was her name, gave me a civil war uniform and a bayonet, of all things, throwing me in the reenactment. Clearly, she thought I was someone else.

I figured I’d just pretend and play along while I made my way to the beginning of the trail using the maps Julip had made for me. After all, I didn’t want anyone to recognize me, Greaser Gadie, the escaped prisoner that all the law was looking for. But it was then that I noticed one of the jurors that help convict me and put me behind bars.

I recalled the last thing I said to him right before they hauled me off the prison, “I’m remembering your face because I’m going to come after you one day.” Now, at the time, those might’ve been just words. But when I saw his face, my blood boiled, and I knew I had to make good on my promise.

I made it look like part of the reenactment and that I stabbed a soldier from the other side. My luck would have it, there was another feller there that was on the jury and I had to make good on my promise one more time. . .

Until. . .someone recognized me. Down I went, to my demise. There were three dead, including me. But who killed me?

For years, USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes has been self-publishing her numerous mysteries with unprecedented success. She is famous not only for her hilarious plotlines and quirky characters, but her tremendous marketing efforts that have earned her thousands of followers and a devoted street team of fans. Be sure to check out Tonya’s website for upcoming events and news and to sign up for her newsletter!

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Diggin' Up Dirt Chapter One

Y'all I have to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing in the Kenni Lowry Mystery Series. I turned in book seven over four months ago and just now turning in the blurb for it. It won't be released until May, but I just had to share the first chapter with you. But we'll get to that.

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First I have to tell you that I'm writing the 8th book in the series and I just can't stop myself from writing because it's so funny. Not that murder is funny, but it's funny in my southern cozy mysteries with all the shenanigans.
This photo is with me and one of my critic partners, Cherry Adair, using her copyrighted Plot By Color method.

We take a yearly retreat for two weeks and plot out a few books using her method. You can check her website out here. Anyways, after the two weeks, I pack up my plot boards and bring them home. They sit around until I'm ready to write that book.
This was in October and I'm just now getting around to writing the oh my! I forgot how much fun this book was going to be to write.
You see. . . my partners write romance, so when they get to my books, we have the best time coming up with the funniest ways to put my amateur sleuths in the thick of the investigation. We spend a lot of time laughing and plotting things.

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These are just a few of the plot note that didn't make it in the book! Now, I'm sitting down to write Pushing Up Daisy...because Daisy is the victim's name...which totally cracks me up. Now, this is a working title and ultimately the publisher has the say in what the title is, but with my suggestion.
Needless to say, I'm writing away on it and having the best time.

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Of course, Charlie thinks I'm completely ignoring him now that he's gotten all the attention now that Scooter has passed away. Or maybe he's looking at my plot board with a few suggestions. . .

Regardless, my publisher is in the final stages of Diggin' Up Dirt and I have to say that I love this cover. It's all sorts of adorable and I'm giving you a very secret sneak peak at the first chapter!

Until next week!
xoxoxo~ T.

Camp Wildcat Reenactment and Giveaway!

Hi there! I'm so glad you're visiting our little town of Normal. Right over there is where the Camp Wildcat happened between the nor...