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Emma Lee Raines sees dead people
Proprietor of the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home, Emma Lee can see, hear, and talk to ghosts of murdered folks. And when her high school nemesis is found dead, Jade Lee Peel is the same old mean girl—trying to come between Emma Lee and her hot boyfriend, Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, all over again.
There’s only one way for Emma Lee to be free of the trash-talking ghost—solve the murder so the former prom queen can cross over.
But the last thing Jade Lee wants is to leave the town where she had her glory days. And the more Emma Lee investigates on her own, the more complicated Miss Popularity turns out to be. Now Emma
Lee will have to work extra closely with her hunky lawman to get to the twisty truth.

It's a Family Tradition

Growing up around the holidays in my home was so much fun. We had a huge family Thanksgiving and on the Friday after we'd have leftovers. It was the best! 

After we'd have the big leftover lunch, my dad would drag out the fake Christmas tree that was tied together with twine and the big box of ornaments while my mama made cookies and apple cider. The Chipmunks along with Frank and Dean sang throughout the house those amazing old Christmas songs. 

It'd take us at least an hour to sort the branches of the tree by the rubbed off colors that were painted on the wire stems. Then we had to plug those in while fluffing them. It'd take another hour just to do that. Then came the lights! Of course they were all balled up and we had to untangle them to plug them in and find the ONE bulb that was out so we could replace it so the rest would work. After we finally got the lights on and the ornaments on, dad put on the angel. The very last thing we did was take a family photo. 

It seemed like a lot of work, but it was making fun memories of fighting, arguing and me saying how different I'd do it when I grew up. 

Throughout the years, the same tradition took place. It was awesome. Of course when I had children, I knew we had to continue it. And we do! 

Now that my boys are grown, they still get excited about going to Granny and Grandaddy's to put up the tree. I'm huge on family traditions throughout the year and I'm beyond thrilled my grown children are just as much into it as I am.

We are missing a couple of grandchildren this year due to work but there's still plenty of family traditions to go!

What is one tradition you used to do or do now? 
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Rock Opera

By most of my posts during the holidays (Valentine's included!), you can tell I'm a big on traditions. Some of these traditions were started by my mom and passed along through me.
Cake for breakfast on birthdays are big as well as notes in lunch boxes etc. . .

Putting up my parent's Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving is something I've done since I was baby and now passed down to my children, their grandchildren, throughout the years. Even now that four of the six grandchildren in college, they all come home to put up granny and granddaddy's tree!

There is a tradition that my mama and I do that I look forward to every year!

Everyone and their brother knows the famous Christmas songs of the Trans Siberian Orchesta (TSO for short).

BUT they aren't just a Christmas song band. They are actually considered ROCK OPERA. They are so awesome! I mean flames and fireworks awesome!
Every year my mama and I go. I love it when people have no idea the rock and roll part of the three hour program and kinda freak out because they had no idea it was a real rock show.

TSO now does the whole Christmas show part (which is a nice story for children to go along with the music along with falling snow.) for the first hour and a half while they do the other rock stuff for the last hour and a half.

Mama and I make a night of it. We go out to supper and go to the show. We have the best time! I love it!

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition? Or have you gone to see TSO? Leave a comment and be entered to win a $5 Amazon gift card!

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